Just after, the kid

The kid was taken away by the roughneck. Feeling helpless and frightened, the only thing he could do on the car was just crying, as a little kid. “Please let me leave. I want my mommy.” he shouted himself hoarse with tears covered his face. The roughneck finally could not tolerate such irritating noise which be made by the kid, so he stopped the car, condemned and asked him to be quiet.
“I am sick,” said the kid. “I do not feel well now. I think I am going to vomit.” The kid started to dry his eyes.
“Oh my! You are under an attack of fever, nuisance.” The roughneck touched and felt on the forehead of the kid. "Promise you will keep silent, then I take you to see the doctor.
As they got to the hospital, the kid was so surprised and glad to see the doctor who went to see him several days ago. That meant he might help him escape from the roughneck ……

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