Just before, the tramp and a woman

It was a cold raining day in London. Some pedestrians rushed back home; others dragged their feet, wondering how to tell their spouses that they lost jobs. When everybody seemed gloomy, a tramp squatted on the corner of a street, whistling pleasantly.“What a wonderful day!” he thought. "I got my first salary in London, and Ms. Tupmus agreed to rent me her old house with quite a low price! " thought the tramp delightedly. He took out a stack of bills from his tattered coat, kissing them constantly. Suddenly, the flood of loneliness overwhelmed him. “Although I have my house now, I still don’t have a home.” The tramp sighed, going back home depressingly.

At night, someone knocked the door. “Good night, Ms. Tupmus. How may I help you?” said the tramp. Ms. Tupmus seemed a little bit nervous. “I need your help.” said Ms. Tupmus. “Tomorrow I will bring you a kid. Could you take care of him for a while?” “Oh, I would love to!” said the tramp, a little bit surprised. Ms. Tupmus smiled weakly, and then left.

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