Just after, the kid

After the kid was taken away by a man, the Tramp climbed onto the roof and successfully fled away without a lot of efforts.
“Oh my goodness, how can people in asylum be so rude?” thought the Tramp.
Then, he heard a familiar crying roaring in the air; it’s the kid! He followed the sob and found that the orphan asylum was nearby.
“Let me back home!” the kid begged with his eyes full of tear.
“Kid,” said one of the men, “You had better be quiet! Huh!”
Intimidated and frightened, the kid zipped it right away and quietly turned to a wall to wipe out his tear pitifully. The wall was about 2 floors high and there was a small window made by iron strips beside. It looked just like a prison not an asylum at all.
When the kid looked out of the window, he saw someone waving his hands…

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