Just before, the lady and the clerk

Sadly, the lady’s marriage ended in divorce after she had a bitter quarrel with her husband, and therefore she became an impoverished single mother who was incapable of making a living while her child was seriously ill at the same time. She determined to steal from the store so as to take her child to see a doctor.
“Stay here.” She said. Walking into the store, she pretended to pick necessities in the beginning, and then she purposely asked the clerk, “Where can I find Heineken? I need ten boxes of Heineken!” “Sure.” The clerk answered. “Wait a moment since the boxes are stacked in a warehouse.”He added. Upon the clerk heading for the warehouse, she took away all the money and ran away in a moment.
Unfortunately, she bumped into a policeman on her way home and the policeman soon recognized her as a thief. After a long chase, she successfully got rid of the policeman and returned home. However, since she was wanted by the police consequently she had no choice but to take her kid to her ex-boyfriend, Tramp.

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