Just Before, the Kid

This morning was really cold, but I couldn’t wait to introduce the neighbors, especially Aunt Tracy, the homemade cookies my father and I made last night. It took us such a long time to achieve with the limited resources. Fortunately, all kitchen implements are undamaged, yet.
" Hey, Stinky! What are you holding?"
" Here comes the Grody." I thought to myself. And the next thought was, " RUN!"
I grasped the bag of cookies tightly and reached my feet as far as possible, but when I looked back to check if the Grody had caught up or not, his chest was all I saw.
He shouted," Get you!"
I fell down for being too scared, and because, instead of grabbing me, the Grody snatched my cookies.
" No!!!" I cried as he moved a piece toward his cavity-filled mouth.
" Geeze! Did I just eat some insects?" He trod them to scraps and walked to me with an excessively dirty look.
" I guess I brought the wrong…PLASH!!!" I got thrown into the pool and frozen.
The last minute before I passed out, I saw Aunt Tracy rushing toward me.

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