Just after, the Kid

After separated away from Tramp, the kid was sent to a shipping container in which there are other orphans crying and screaming. It turns out that the children trafficking company disguised itself as a orphan asylum. “Did your family abandon you, too?” asked by a little girl in the container. “No, I am not a orphan,” the kid replied faintly. Without a good care, the kid kept fevering. On the other hand, although Tramp got rid of the police, he had no idea where to find the kid. Tramp desperately looked for every orphan asylum and tried to get the kid back. One day on the street, Tramp he saw the guy who claimed to be a good man and took the kid away from him. “Where is my little poor boy?” Tramp yelled at him. Without hesitation, the bad guy started running after seeing Tramp shouting across the street. Instead of chasing him, Tramp decided to stalk the bad trafficking guy cautiously. " We need to finish the deal as soon as possible," said by the trafficking guy in the container.

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