Just after, the kid

Tramp says" Don’t lead the kid away, or I will be ANGRY." The doctor’s driver glimpses Tramp and doesn’t take notice of him. He still forces to take the kid away and hurts Tramp seriously. This is really somber room without sunlight. Just like this situation. Suddenly, the kid’s mom opens the door and sees this situation. She takes her baguette as weapon and beats the driver’s head as possible as she could. No one can take away her children. However, he is so dizzy that falls down. The doctor says" Are you the kid’s mother?" She calms down for a while and says " Yes! " Unexpectedly, she is familiar with the man who stands in front of her. " Are you Peter?" she says. " Rose?" he says. " Where have you been since these five years?" she says. He is so touched and bursts out crying. He never thought he can meet his lover after five years.

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