Just after, the kid and the Tramp

The Tramp decided to take the kid to the hospital, but he did not know where the hospital was. He found the doctor back again and asked him. “I figured out what the kid’s problem was. He just possessed by a demon. He needs to be exorcised by a witch who lives in a cottage in Argentina. Everyone knows her in this country. Go to find her! Don’t waste any single second!” On the way to Argentina, the kid was hungry like a starving monster which can eat an elephant, two porcupines, three milk cows, four rhinoceros and five giraffes. The Tramp was frightened and took the kid to a good many restaurants one by one. The only word the kid said was “I am starving! I want to eat more!” There was no expression on his face. He kept eating day after day. Finally they arrived in Argentina and found out the witch. The kid accepted the therapy. Then the witch discovered dozens of ghost was in the kid’s body.

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