The doomed kid

Unavoidably, the child was taken to the county orphan asylum. He didn’t get along with the peer in the asylum. Never talked and always squatted on the corner murmuring. However, he met a girl standing in front of the asylum gate waiting as him. This was the talk that day and they became best friend and family.
Girl:I’m waiting for my father. He promised me that he will come to pick me home on my 8th birthday. But I’m 10 now.How about you?
Boy: I’m waiting for my father, practically, too. We are separated by a group of unknown strangers.

In the other hand, boy’s father came to every asylum but was refused . Feeling hopeless, he met the lady calling the doctor and introduced him to work in her glass factory. The widow told him that her husband died five years ago. Their daughter was send to the orphanage because the factory was in crisis but she didn’t hesitate to bring her back because his death. Knowing that, boy’s father determined to helped her. Four people’s destiny was tied together….
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