Just before, the woman

“Another round, please. Just lost my job and husband today, I need more!” Said Meredith. “Are you sure? You should go home, Meredith. It’s enough.” Said the bartender, Joe. She barely walked to the bathroom. Then suddenly a kid appears and hold Meredith tightly. “Ah! What the… Wh..who are you? Are you ok?” said Meredith. The child say nothing she just cry. “For god’s sake I don’t want to take care of a child right now, I can barely take care of myself. And stop crying! Let’s go find your irresponsible parents ok?” Then she goes out on the street, yelling “Who lost a kid?” for an hour with no response. “Let’s just go home. We both need some sleep. Oh you look sick, I will take you to a doctor tomorrow, ok?”
Next morning, Meredith holds the child walking all around the town but there are no doctors who wants to treat the child because Meredith has no money. Then she just leave the child to a stranger hope he will take the child to a doctor. She is going to find her ex-husband and try to get some money.

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