Just after

After the kid was snatched, he felt upset and just wanted to go home immediately. However, the two men from the orphan asylum would not give him any chance. The kid didn’t give up-just at the very night, when both of the two men were asleep, he ran away. He wandered in the streets, trying to find the way back home. But he just couldn’t find it, he was afraid and began to shout, “Father! Father! Where are you?” And at the same time, the kid’s mother was back and found out that her husband was arrested and interrogated by the policeman. She and her husband explained the whole thing to the policeman. The policeman was shocked about the truth he heard and realized that he had arrested the good person instead of the bad one. To make up for the fault he had done, he decided to help the couple to find the kid. So, all of them were worried and began to look for the kid. Just after a few hours, they heard a voice kept calling “Father! Father! Where are you?” They recognized the voice at once and finally found the kid.

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