Just after: A perfect mistake (part 1)

“Dad, I will never forget the mercy you gave me.” shouted the kid. “God, please help this kind tramp; give him a rich and happy life.” prayed the kid. Then the two men form the orphan asylum took the kid away.

After the tramp left the house, he knew that he could never go back to the house again. He was afraid that the two men will find him and catch him and then he would never find the way to meet the kid again. Not knowing where to go, he wandered in the street disappointedly. Then, a pedestrian walked to the tramp agitatedly. “Brother! I eventually find you.” said the man. “Brother? I am not your brother. Sorry, you got the wrong person.” said the tramp doubtfully. “I am sure you are my brother. You look the same as my brother! I have been looking for you for months. Did you lose your memory? What happened to you?” said the man nervously.

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