Just after: A perfect mistake (part 2)

The tramp felt so astonished. He could not believe that there was another person looking the same as him in the world. “Come with me and I will take you home. You will live in the big house, eat delicious food, drive your own car, etc.” persuaded the man. The tramp was in the dilemma. He knew that he was not his brother at all. However, he had wished to have a comfortable life for a long time. If he did go with this man, he will have a brand new life. Suddenly, an idea flashed into his mind. He thought that if he could become rich, he will be able to adopt the kid. As a result, he promised the man to go with him.

In the evening, he went to the orphan asylum and adopted the kid. He promised the kid that he will treat him like his own son and give him a wholesome family. The kid felt very happy and promised he will be a filial son. Then, they lived happily ever after.

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