The brilliant solution for us. (BEFORE the video)

It is The Great Recession that makes so many people lose their jobs. One night, Jacky, John, Fred, Jason, and Leo hold a conference to discuss what they are about to do for make a living. Jacky says, ‘Ha… I know a very solution to our difficulties. Do you guys want to know it?’ The other four people answer so quickly, ‘Come on! Jacky, just say it!’ After they know Jacky’s wonderful plan, they are all excited. John says, ‘So, who can be the one to let us make big money?’ Fred closes his eyes for a little while and says, ‘Maybe we can kidnap the Kid living with the Tramp! Do you agree with me?’ So they begin to discuss the details for kidnapping. Jason says, ‘I can pretend to be a cookie seller and try to let the Kid eat toxic cookies that can make him sick.’ Then, Leo says, ‘I can be a doctor who tells the Tramp that the Kid will need a strong security care. And… as for the rest of you guys, one to be a sergeant, and the other two to be the policemen.’ They all believe it is a brilliant idea.

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