Sea of Dreams

My dreams assail me.

They leave me troubled.

They leave me.

I see visions of lives unlived.

I drown in my own insecurities and doubt.

Once they left me sore of mind, now I ache as though pummelled.

Every morning my mind reels, turned over.

Every day the pain is worse.

I fear to sleep.

To dream.

No escape in sight.

No way to make weigh and be gone.

I lay trapped in billowing sheets, tossed, alone.

The feelings rests inescapable, bleak.

There is no course to take.

No map of angst.

Just drift.



Rise again.

See the next horizon.

Pray for a swell of joy, some light.

Ride what wave the waking hours bring.

Until again, rest must come.

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