Just before, the kid

On a nice afternoon with the good weather, a young and beautiful lady, named Mary, sits beside the window, reading the magazine. A businessman walked by and was attracted by the lady. His name is Frank, a young and successful man. He walked to the lady and had a small talk with her. “Good afternoon, lady. Is it okay for me to sit beside you? There’s no seats available.” “Sure.” After the talk, they were all expressed by each other. Since then, they had dates almost everyday. Soon, they got married and had a child, named Tommy. But their marriage didn’t last long. Frank got a serious failure in one of the investigations and almost got bankrupted. Finally, they got divorced and Tommy was taken care by Mary. She took four jobs a day to support themselves so she didn’t have much time to take care Tommy. Five years later, Tommy got a serious illness. Mary lost her job and could not afford to raise Tommy anymore, so she went back to look for Frank and left Tommy to him then she went away and never appeared again.

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