A Word on Dialects from The Irish Pianist

Y’know, iss kinda funny how diff ‘rent people talk d’pending on where ye’are. F’y’go r’round’New York, the dialects are different. And not just the City, either. There’s more t’New York than the Big Apple, nkay? Good, glad we cleared that up.

Anywho, even the difference between, say, Manhattan and Long Island is discernable. Manhattan’s kineah muddled, s’pechly consannans. An’don’che fuggedaboudit!
Long Island, or should I say, LawnGuiland’s very oawd. Like the way people say cwaw-fee, oah hay-yah, fahget th’ “ahh” on th’ end of that.

Y’see what I mean?

And yes, many Long Islanders do talk something like that, especially if the accent’s thick. And I mean thick.

Now, for all New Yorkers, th’vowels are very horizontal, especially "e"s. Iss kinda like a smoke alarm, eeeeeeeee. "I"s are worse, it’s more like an eye-eeeeeeeee. Short "a"s are iffy, they’re like a nasaly “ahhh,” like when somebody’s lookin’ in y’r’throat’r somethin’.

Arright, I’m done. Any questions fr’m anybody?

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