the tramp and her kid

Rainy and cold day in London, a tramp, Grace, with her kid beside the street are starving. Her kid is murmuring,“I feel uncomfortable and hungry.” Grace is helpless but suddenly, her face is filled with seriousness. She stands up, holds her kid in her arms and walks away. After walking a while, she meets Chaplin. She asks him,“Please take care of this child, I’ll be back in four days. I beg you. Please” Chaplin is a warmhearted man. He promises her that he will look after him and tells her do not worry. Grace moves off without making a turn.
In these four days, she goes to her mother’s house seeking for helps. Her mother, Lisa, was old and blind. Recognizing her by hearing her footsteps, Lisa cried and said,“You are back, my dear.” Grace hugs her mother tightly remembering the old times.After a moment, Lisa whispers," What happened?" Grace mumbling,“I ….” Lisa looks at Grace and gives her some money without saying a single word. On fourth day, she goes to pick her son but there’s no one. What happened…?

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