Just after, the kid

The kid was taken away, but the tramp didn’t give up on him. Unfortunately, the tramp fell down from the roof, fiercely hit on the ground with his head below. Watching all of these happening, the kid burst into keen scream, “No!!”. He gave the orphan asylum staff a bone-breaking bite. “Ouch!!”, one of the staff painfully yelled out loud. The kid struggled away from his arms, and jumped out of the carriage recklessly. But to all their astonishment, a carriage run on the street after the corner, and bumped into the kid. Sick and weak, the kid couldn’t afford the pain and fainted away with teardrops dripping down his cheek… And both of the tramp and kid were at once sent to the same hospital nearby.
Fortunately, the tramp just got his legs broken and was under good recovery. And the kid came over after good nutrition and rest. The local doctor told the tramp secretly, “it is you that save the boy through blood transfusion”. And the orphan asylum staff decided not to take them apart after seeing all of these.

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