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“Hey Sarah – yeah, beep beep beep and all that. Don’t know if you’ll get this, but I thought what the hell – might as well put pen to paper – words to tape – that kinda thing. Because I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it. "
“24 hours ago I was sat at my desk, playing solitaire… or perhaps mine-sweeper, flirting with Susan from accounts, and then bam! Straight out of the blue, with absolutely no warning. Its scared the shit out of me to be honest.”
“I mean, everyone always talked about this kinda stuff happening, and we all took it as read that the Government would step in and sort it all out. But they haven’t, and I’m beginning to think they won’t. At least not in time. Hell, I don’t think many of us will be around for much longer – and I’m not liking the prospect of life on the other side for those that are. So I’m going with the simplest of approaches, though it might not seem that way to you. Remember that I love you and don’t forget to…”
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