March 7

I’m wearing the same T-shirt as I was wearing yesterday. It’s all black except for the ~16:9 photo on the front and the caption unerneath: “BROOKLYN BRIDGE” reads the top line; underneath, “NEW YORK”. I got this shirt one of the two times I went. I believe I got it the first time, when we went junior year for band.

My pants are a pair of plaid-pattern shorts with a fraying hole on the lower right front pocket. I’ve started wearing these to bed. It’s 11:21 and I haven’t even taken a shower today yet. My mom got these for me, I think. As I recall we went to the Value World (or some similar establishment) and bought a bunch of used pairs of pants.

I’ve worn more or less this same watch for too many years to count. It’s a Casio Illuminator that I got as a Christmas present from my aunt. The outside of the Velcro band is white with age and contortion and the face is scored with faint scratches, a lot of them from sticking my hand in vending machines.

I’m sitting in my apartment on a Thursday morning.

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