Where To?

“Where to son?” A weathered old man takes my inside seat next to the window, he sits slowly and adjusts his blue plaid shirt tucked neatly into his weathered jeans as he sits.
“Uh, nowhere really.” I respond uneasily, “How about yourself?”
“You gotta be going somewhere, or else ya wouldnt have boarded this ere train.”
“Anywhere I guess… I think, I think I’ll go anyplace that isn’t where i’m coming from.”
“Ah” The old man leans back, pushing the button on his armrest so his seat reclines. “Anywhere aint nowhere friend. Anywhere is one of the best places a young man like you otta go.” He adjusts a small white pillow under his lower back and turns away from me, gazing out the window. “Anywhere is where life starts, nowhere is where it ends, the end of the line.”

The train slowly pushes away from the station, and I close my eyes.

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