Airships: Enclosed

“We need to end this.” Elletra growled as she quickly took down two approaching men on her left and Hawkeye took care of some others on the right.

“Agreed.” He said in a voice that made Elletra sure he was grinning. Then he shouted out in a foreign language.

Suddenly, she could see the shifts in the battle. Jerem’s men were twisting themselves and their enemies around. They began fighting with such ferocity she couldn’t help but think of wolves. Elletra slipped out of the fray in order not to interfere with whatever Hawkeye was doing.

Jerem’s men were almost literally becoming a meat wall as they guided the enemies into large, enclosed circles. Elletra jaw almost dropped as suddenly, the Earl’s men realized what had happened. But by then it was too late.

“Surrender or die.” Hawkeye called out from the middle of the deck.

Elletra knew if they surrendered that the Earl would find them and destroy them. So she wasn’t surprised when the unanimous answer of the captured men was death.

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