The Meeting

Bill was carrying his rake as he, Adam, Colte, Tim, and Kevin walked toward the spaceship.
Suddenly, a hatch opened!
A man jumped out. He had long, blonde hair, and was rather tall. He said," We come in peace,".
Colte said, “How cliche,”
The man said, “What, that was the first phrase in the English lesson!”
“Anyway, we do come in peace,”
Tim said, “Well, let’s all come in and get acquainted.”
“Wait, let me get my siblings,” the man said. He went back into the ship. " Amber! Walter! Mark! It’s safe to come out!"
After they all came out, the man introduced them.
“I’m Sam,” he said. “This is Walter,” he said, gesturing to a blue haired man who was medium height. “This is Ginger, who likes to be called Singer,” he said, gesturing to a red haired woman. “And this is Mark,” he said, gesturing to a black haired man.
“Now, who are you?” Sam said.
" I’m Tim." “Adam” “Bill” “Colte” “Kevin”
“Now that we’re all introduced, let’s come inside and talk about your life on your home planet.” Tim said.
To Be Continued…

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