Making Connections (Day 67)

Yesterdays failures were for yesterday. Today would be different.

This was the thirty-ninth morning in a row that I woke with those words on my lips, as if I’d been chanting them in my sleep. My heart was heavy. I could almost feel it pinning me in place. What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I get past this?

With a grunt, I forced myself out of my blankets, rolling to my feet in one smooth motion. Across the room, Dierdre snored peacefully in her bed. I envied her serenity, unshakable and ever-present whether waking or sleeping. Quietly, I strode outside still in my small clothes.

The first light of dawn hadn’t even broken over the mountains yet.

Chained to a stake, Mattie lay curled up in on himself, a pool of bristly red and white fur. I felt bad for him. The fox pup was as trapped as surely as I and remained so for as long as I failed. Kneeling next to him, I scratched behind his ears. Sluggishly, Mattie struggled to his feet with a yawn.

I let him nuzzle my hand. “Today’s the day. I’m sure of it.”

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