He picked the photo up off of his desk again and leaned back in his leather chair. The photo showed two girls, about twenty, embracing and smiling at the photographer. He figured the other girl in the photo must be her friend. He picked up the plastic bag containing a busted cell phone from his desk, wondering if her phone number might be retrievable from the SIM card.

He had to figure this case out, he thought, as he took as sip of his favorite Scotch. Spreading out the papers on his desk, he found the one that haunted him. An artist’s rendering of the scene; a drawing of a large tree casting shadows across the pair of disjointed legs peering out from behind it. The victim had been wearing a common outfit around these parts, a large blue sweatshirt with familiar Greek letters and a pair of blue and gold running shorts.

As the moon came out from behind the clouds it shone across the photo of the two girls. He picked up the photo and glanced at his watch. Six o’clock, time to go ask some questions.

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