The Joyride

“We are gonna get so grounded!”
“Not if you don’t tell,” Xie said pointedly.
Ker looked at her little brother, sitting on a copy of the ship’s user manual so he could see through the windshield. She’d never admit it, but he was flying pretty well for someone who just got their permit.
She walked up behind him and looked at the GPS.
“Where are we going, anyway?”
Xie shrugged and furrowed his brow as he turned to circumvent a meteor cluster.
She watched him affectionately, remembering when she had first learned to fly the ship. She smiled slightly as an idea came to her.
“Hey Xie, stop the ship for a sec.”
“I wanna show you something, just stop, K?”
He looked at her suspiciously but idled his father’s spaceship.
Ker got up and walked over to a keypad next to a metal door.
“If we’re going to break the rules, it might as well be worth it,” she said as she keyed in a 6 digit code.
Xie’s eyes grew wide as two space scooters appeared. His sister was smirking at him.
“Well are you coming or not?”

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