March 8

On the fourth day, God created the luminaries.

There’s a documentary called In the Shadow of the Moon. My father introduced it to me and I highly recommend it.

In Arabic, the Moon is القمر—ask Wehr, Wiki, Google, and Al-Kitaab fii Ta`allum al-`Arabiyyah. In my homework I listened to a sentence talking about Neil Armstrong and that word came up. There’s also a Middle Eastern dish called قمر الدين which, according to Al-Kitaab, involves dates.

Just a couple of months ago I was walking to the Conoco down the street, listening to Akbal Seven’s album Space, Pt. 1. It was evening—dusk or early twilight, where the Sun is down but you can still see, and everything is sort of dim and the sky’s a deep blue. The temperature was on the cool side of warm and there may have been a slight breeze (but don’t quote me on that). I forget why exactly, but I looked to the east and I saw the orange disc of the Moon rising over the buildings to the east. Had to walk east to get back home, too. That evening was beautiful.

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