March 9

I’m Ted McNamara and this is the six o’clock news.

A car bomb went off downtown today, killing fifteen and wounding seven. The bomb was packed in a station wagon parked next to the strip mall by the university. Police, FBI, and Homeland Security were summoned to the site of the blast, and details are currently few and far between. Our own reporters on the scene have been detained for questioning and statements are apparently still being taken from witnesses.

In a bit of happier news, over the past week a Mine City-area neighborhood has been reporting an unusual rash of cookie deliveries. Someone’s been dropping boxes of cookies on homeowners’ front doorsteps. Failing that, they just shove ‘em into the mailbox or mail slot. Residents have so far reported receiving boxes of mint wafer, caramel, and shortbread cookies. No one is sure just who’s dropping them off or why, but one thing almost everybody in Mine City is sure of is this: They are delicious.

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