On The Road Once More

Finally we get underway, after saying goodbye to Thomas’ family, we’re on the road once more.
I’m singing again but this time Amber and Thomas are cringing because they know the meaning for them behind the song.

“Billie Jean is not my lover- She’s just a girl-”

Sam laughs beside me in the backseat, and I can see Thomas shaking his head in front of me.

“How ya doing up there, Michael?” I ask teasing him with his nickname.

I can tell he’s rolling his eyes. “Wonderful, Maddi.”

“How ’bout you Billie Jean?” I ask Amber.

She just turns red and cringes into the steering wheel.

“Welcome to Alabama!” Sam cries reading the sign.

“Alabama?” Amber cries in alarm, “We shouldn’t be in Alabama!”

“Maybe we should pull over.” Thomas suggested.

“No, we don’t need to do that.” She assured him. “I can find the way.”

“And we talk about Men.” I whispered to Sam.

She laughs.

“I can heaaaar yooou.” Amber sang.

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