Fantasyland VIII

“So we agree,” Supreme Leader Steve asked for the last time.
“Yes,” 10 voices echoed in the grand hall from around the table while a single voice muttered “well.”
That voice was Richard’s and he was never sure on anything. If it wasn’t for his father’s real estate monopoly he would have been dismissed years ago but he wasn’t and he still didn’t get the revolution plot.
“Look, we’ll explain it as we go but in principal, do you agree,” Steve asked.
“I hadn’t finished.
“Do you agree,” Steve put his hand in the air, stopping Richard’s premature answer, “wait, do you agree a revolution is needed?”
“Good, now that’s out of the way, who’s up for a cup of tea,” Steve said rising from the table to spot a guilty looking guest.
“Who are you and how long have you been there,” Steve asked Henry.
“Well I missed the first bit but…
“Be a good lad and stay there until the we can find the guards to capture you,” Steve said.
“Sure, I’d hate to miss out on a good cup of tea,” Henry added.
“Mmmm, about that.

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