s13 INTERWRIT 02: punctual, retired and trudging

An annual senior high reunion is coming but this time it’s entirely opposite to last year. Since Eddie proposed this plan, everyone agreed. They are going to get high. Eddie packs his bag and prepares all the mountain-climbing equipment. Everyone is punctual. Seeing his old friend, he is so excited and looking forward to climbing mountain.
Eddie asks himself, “I have to do something meaningful in my retired life, and now, it is coming.” Everyone is well-prepared and is ready to go. Sunshine illuminates the valley. Faces reflect smiles. On the top of the mountain, the smiles of Eddie overflow. He breathes and feels free. He makes it.
Turning back home, other old friends says that was really a trudging long way to get back but Eddie thinks that was a wonderful experience.

Next person to take the challenge is EDDIE!!!!
Chose three words in my context and make your own story!

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