Traveling in Circles

It’s so quiet. No one roams the halls or chatters over the intercom. No one practices in the training rooms. Even the command center is silent. Or almost silent. Soft crackling accompanies sparks from my consoles. All is in disarray. Stars whiz past the window in a blur, though they’re less fuzzy now. They’re always the same. Speed is dropping, soon there will be no motion at all, except that caused by space eddies. It’s creepy. I can still hear the voices…but nothing remains of my crew. Not even their corpses. The invaders took what they wanted and destroyed the rest. They should have destroyed me too, but they didn’t. I guess I wan’t worth the effort. Instead they damaged me. My sanity is slipping away. I know I should do something, but I can’t remember what. I should be heading somewhere, but I don’t remember the destination. It’s all in my programming, but I can’t access it. Every time I try, I fail. I’ve been reprogrammed. All I can do is travel in circles.

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