Table Talk

John stormed upstairs after JoAnn, slamming her door open. “Get your sorry ass back downstairs this INSTANT!” he yelled.
JoAnn had flopped on her bed, and simply let the rebound bounce her back to her feet before she stormed back downstairs, her father in hot pursuit.
Cal and Mitch stood helplessly while her mother looked stricken.
“Sit down!” John hollered. Everyone quickly chose a chair around the dining room table. “Which one of you filthy, inbred, mongrels knocked up my daughter?!”
“Inbred!” Mitch jumped to his feet. “Do you have any idea who I am?! I’m Mitch McFarland, as in MAYOR McFarland..”
“Mayor McFarland is the thievingest, lowest, money-grubbing, embezzler of the entire state!”
“Those are strong words for a drug dealer!”
“Watch your mouth, bastard!”
“My father will hear about this!” Mitch jumped up to leave, his chair slamming into the floor, echoed by the front door.
John took a few calming breaths. No one spoke, nor moved. Then after one last scowl at each person sitting at the table he left.

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