G5- Glimmering, Sandwich, Underneath_Jefferson

A long time ago, there’s a family consists of a young couple and their baby. They dwell in a mountain far away from town. Man regularly works in the woods from dawn to dusk; woman does housework and takes care of baby.
One day, when the sun is sinking into the horizon, the man gets back home finding things in a mess. The door is broken, chairs lean down, and things are splattered over the ground. What’s worse, he can’t find his wife and baby. He searches totally in and around the house, but in vain. Weak and limp, he mourns and cries bitterly on the ground. "Everything is over…” he thinks. Hopefully, there’s a sound of baby crying. Suddenly he sees the glimmering in his life. He climbs to the bed looking directly into the dark. Then he tears a piece of sandwich, which his wife prepared for his dessert, and puts it in front of the underneath. To his surprise, his baby crawls out with blood stain on her face. Then he comes to realize that his wife died from tiger attack but sacrificed to save her baby.

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