Ocean Sunset

We turned the corner, and the smell of seawater drowned the lavender. “The ocean! Finally!”

I promised that we’d go together to these cliffs and see the ocean. And here we were, at last. “I’m sorry we didn’t make it here earlier”, I said, clutching the urn to my chest. We could hear waves, far below. I took off my shoes and felt the rock under my feet.

I took a deep breath, taking in the scent. It was truly a magnificent place. I decided to take a moment more to enjoy it. No fish was visible from here, but there was a rabbit hiding in a bush. A few white clouds traveled slowly across the evening sky. Seagulls were flying nearby, playing in the wind currents. Crimson spread through the sky as the sun dipped in the water. For an instant, magnificent nature held its breath.

That’s when I decided that she probably wouldn’t mind waiting for me a bit longer. I put my shoes back on. After a silent prayer, I emptied the urn into the ocean and started on my way back to the world. The rabbit darted out of the path.

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