challenge, mountain, remarkable

A man who is standing right there on the pitcher’s mound is staring through my eyes. It’s like a tiger has already locked on its target, waiting for the quarry jumping into the trap. It’s two outs in the ninth inning, and I am the last batter who is ready for this final challenge. I feel nervous but cautious because after so much strike, I still can’t figure out what that Japanese pitcher is thinking. His remarkable performance has kicked out two of our batter, his eyes is telling me that he’ll do that again. But I won’t let him gain his purpose. Because I want to win, deep down my heart, I want to reach the mountain top no matter how high it is. Suddenly, the ball has come. “I can see it! I can do this!” I hold my breath and wield my bat at the same time. And then, everything comes to the eternal silence……

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