Breath, Silence, Suddenly

Ten years ago, I got married with the man whom I would love till my last breath. To me, husband and children are the most important things in my life. I never thought of the misfortune of my marriage although my friends always taught me to be cautious. However, I found out that something has changed between my husband and me recently. For instance, we used to have various topics to talk about, but now silence is the only thing between us. Moreover, he used to remember my birthday and gave me a big surprise like taking me to a romantic French restaurant. However, this year, he let me down so deep. I prepared a big meal and waited for him to come back and celebrate with me. To my disappointment, the only gift he gave me was a piece of divorce settlement. Suddenly, I realized I was happy about the decision of divorce instead of sadness. Maybe, it was because I was too tired to maintain this scarred marriage. Now, I am a single mother of my two children. Life is hard but at least I am free and satisfied.

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