Cautious, birthday, settlement

I was born in a noble family, which my blood relatives are so numerous that I cannot remember all of their names. My mother always told me that as a girl, I have a lot of burdens to take on. I did not realize until I was throned. All of my recreations were deprived, and instead strict regulations are imposed on me. Since my relatives would inspect my behaviors, I had to be cautious enough or deposition would be done immediately. Those restrictions never bother me a lot, but for me, the most tormenting of all is to belie. It was on my 14th birthday that I found I am different from “girls”. My body has not grown up like a woman at all; even I am nearly 18 now! Therefore, I turned to my mother the other day; she cried and then confided that it was her greed that concealed the truth. I am fed up with deception. I do not want lie to my people anymore! Nevertheless, the situation is worse now. Our settlement is intend to rebel. If I confess, a series of riots and the fights for throne are unavoidable.

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