Empty Space

The sky is overwhelming sometimes. How big it seems when you look up and realize that… it’s endless up there. Full of nothing. Endless and endless amounts of space.

Can you comprehend that? Emptiness… emptiness that never ever ends. It just keeps going and going and going and going and going. I can’t begin to comprehend something so huge and… so empty.

Can you see an end? An end to the sky? It doesn’t make sense that there would be an end.

It must go on forever.

So much space.
Empty air. Dead air. There’s nothing up there.

What about heaven? People say there’s a heaven up there. Up there… in the air. In that wide, open space.

Is it there? If there is a heaven, I don’t think it’s in the sky. The sky is empty. It must be empty.

It must be somewhere I can’t comprehend, can’t understand.

See, I have trouble comprehending really big things. Really bigs things… and really small things. My mind isn’t big enough for that.

I think a God and a heaven must be like the sky to me.
Too big to comprehend.

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