The Unfortunate Tale of a Leper Part 4 (Final)

‘H-help! Is anyone there?’ his words spluttered as a large amount of blood poured from his mouth.
Several residents circled around him, muttering to one each other, Tom could barely make out several pieces of conversation.

‘What should we do, call an ambulance?’

‘Fool! Don’t you know who that is? It’s that damned leper.’

‘But we can’t just leave him there!’

‘Do you want to get us all infected? If he goes to the ambulance he’ll kill every goddamn person there.’

‘I agree.’ said one man, butting into the conversation ‘It’s not worth the risk for a filthy leper’

The rest of the conversation drowned into background noise as the entire crowd began discussing what to do; eventually they came to a conclusion, and Tom could see what it was. They slowly walked away from him, leaving the man to die, they did this without a morsel of regret, determined that they had done the right thing.

Tom’s vision became hazy as the world grew darker around him. Screw all of them, they can go to hell. Screw the-…

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