Living in with clones

Tyler woke up in the morning, looked at himself in the mirror, thinking that “It is the same day.” He checked his cholesterol index as the daily schedule set by their leaders, “Damn, I need to exercise more today.” Everyone repeatedly did the same job every day and had never had a doubt on this. Only Tyler, he started having a feeling of being controlled. He didn’t enjoy the present, and sometimes sighed about what their ancestors did that led to this irreversible situation: wearing unpolluted white uniforms, doing same jobs, eating home-planted vegetables, trying to think up a way to bring back their original lives…. every single day. He had done something trying to escape to somewhere elsewhere, but he realized there was no way and he was afraid of the uncertainty. Today he talked to his favorite girl Lisy in the community: "We should do this together, if there is somewhere out there, we will find the way. "…….
They were wrong, there was no way for clones to escape from the lab.

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