His name is Enrico Caliente.

It can’t be his real name…

…and it isn’t.

But in his line of work, you sink or swim by your reputation.

And a reputation is all in a name.

Enrico Caliente.

A verbal shorthand – to all those in the SPF scene – for corruption, trafficking, smuggling, intimidation, madness…

E.C. Rider.

A nickname they gave him who-knows-when. He took to using it himself, but “disciplines” those who use it behind his back.


Sentient Puppet Fighting.

His speciality.

Ever since all the stuffed creatures inexplicably gained life two years back, there has been a market for pitting Unwanteds against each other.

So what if the feds made it illegal?
So what if the deadbeat dads steal their kids’ playthings to compete?
So what if the SP’s feel pain?

Money is money.

And Enrico Caliente relishes the making of it as he watches a teddy bear and a children’s TV mascot tear each other to pieces.

The end is near.

He puffs on his cigar, grips the trapdoor lever, and waits…

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