3 Word Prompt: f12 LIT1 Bunny: Lost, Fantasy, Dim

The world of my true life is not a pleasing habitat. I wish I had never come here.
My body may not escape from this prison, but my mind, I declare, is free.
I have been lost for years in a maze of fear and confusion. My thoughts have been darkened, dim, leering; looming above me like a nemesis. Like a threat of violence.
I have in time been learning to build ladders to supersede these walls: ladders of fantasy. In my mind, I can lead a different life. I can be a different being. I may do the things my real world self never would dare to attempt.
The pain of this victory is, of course, that I do eventually need to awaken. I cannot stay submerged in my mind’s world. I grieve to repressurize and enter the land of the living: the living which I must earn.
But perhaps you and I can run off together? Would you like to see things of my own creation, things that nobody else has ever experienced? I am the only guide you need. And perhaps you can build a stair with me, all the way outwards:
The coast is clear.

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