The Book Sequel

When she finally shut up, the class was practically over. The other members were fairly shy, and didn’t speak up, so he gave his lecture about how death is part of life. Then the clock struck 5. Thank god, the class was over. The teenagers called their parents and were picked up first. Then the parents showed up for their 6 year olds. Next, the preteens had been picked up. At 5:10, everyone except for 2 girls had been picked up. The girls’ names were Teresa Santiano and Ella Longoria. Teresa waited for Mr. Andrews to leave the room before she picked up an abandoned iPod alarm clock. She pulled a pink, sparkly barrette out of her hair, using it as a screwdriver to adjust the inside of the clock. Next, she grabbed a random chair and stood on it so she could reach the ceiling. She slowly worked the fragile ceiling tile out, revealing thin, red wires that connected to the fire alarm and the automatic shower it sent off….

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