To Swat

“Ah, an Inspiration Imp. Why didn’t I guess?” Erika said dryly, observing the burgundy colored creature swinging from her grip. “Your lot’s always causing trouble. What’re you here for this time?”

The imp sniffed haughtily, crossing its hands over its chest. “See what I meant? Absolutely no appreci – OW!”

“There’s more where that came from,” Erika threatened, twirling the swatter in her hands. “Where are your buddies?”

“Hehe – who said I didn’t come alone?”

“But you didn’t come alone!”

There were dual reactions to the new voice. Erika grinned twistedly, whilst the imp’s eyes widened in horror for its companion’s stupidity.

“Stuff it, you idiot!”

Another small figure crawled out from beneath the desk. The new imp stared up at them indignantly, seemingly not noticing its comrade in the clutches of Erika, just an inch away from a most theatrical and inspirational death.

“I’m not an idiot!”

“I say you are, idiot!”

“‘Them who calls others idiots are idiots themselves’, my ma always says.”


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