Despair Bear (Day 91)

Sharon despaired under the weight of her disappointment. This tiny bear was to be her only hope? She wished Alexander was still around so she could kick him. She didn’t understand how he could have any faith in this runt. There were plenty of Frankensteins out there, ones that were bigger, meaner, stronger; human-sized behemoths. One of those would make sense as a savior. Why was she stuck with such a failure? Especially when so much was at risk. It didn’t make any goddamn sense.

“Just go. I think we’re done. You can’t help me. If you go in as you are, you’ll just be torn apart like all the others and then my friends will die.”

B-ken squeaked in protest.

Sharon’s despair burst from her in a single word. “GO!”

She watched as the bear’s shoulders slumped and head hung low, he left.

As he passed a tree, a glowing paw shot out—and the trunk exploded into splinters. The intact trunk above the point of impact came crashing down, rocking the earth.

“What. Was. That.”

B-ken shrugged.

“Can you do it again?”

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