All the things I'll leave behind

All the things I’ll leave behind
The school, the teachers
3 years,The Good and the Bad
The pathetic drawing
From 7th grade
In the art room’s
Dismal Recycling bin
Tests, quizzes
I won’t ever miss
Even for a second
The books I’ve never read
Disgusting cafeteria food
And annoying counselors
But some things
Make me teary eyed
at the Thought
of letting them go
Like The kickass essay
I Forgot to bring home
Or the people
That changed me
Those that made me stronger,happier
More Me
I will regret
To say goodbye to
The ones
who always made me laugh
Even when they weren’t trying
Or the people
Who listened
Those that talked to me
When I was feeling down
And the people
That made me
See the world
In a whole new way
I will miss them
The things I’ll leave behind

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