An Unfinished List

This boy was the first of many
This boy was much older than me
I wanted to play grown-up, house, doctor
My palms were sweating bullets
This boy I don’t remember too well
I think it happened ages ago
when his hair was still long
This boy was a friend of another
We had everything we could ask for
and we threw it away
I still call him up when I’m not myself
wondering where it went wrong
This boy was a mystery
Staying in State Parks after dusk
and kissing on top of parking garages
This boy was one I had sought after
But what I thought was something else
wasn’t anything at all
This boy was a stranger
He invited me out for coffee
We ended up at some party
but I got bored with him
and got his friend’s number
This boy was at the same party
I wanted to see if I could still attract men
We ended up a mess in his bed
all sighs and breath
He was an experiment.
This boy quietly came out of nowhere
He has a gentle and patient heart
a slow and steady smile that spreads
across his face when I come home
This is the last boy

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