Revo, Revolution!

“Give us God, give us Liberty!”

It’s a tidal wave of people that spills into the town square, cries ringing through the dry air. Men and women and children cry out to the men who dare call themselves our leaders.

“Give us God, give us Liberty!”

Flags of all colors fly in the breeze, whipping to and fro to the vivacious thrum of the people. Soldiers scramble to get to their posts. Our “leaders” rush to their balconies, eyes wide, swirling with fear and anger as the people surge, yelling out.

“Give us God, give us Liberty!”

The men cry out into the ocean, attempting to quell the disturbance.

But to no avail.

“Give us God! Give us Liberty! Give us Freedom! Revo, Revolution!”

“Revo, Revolution!”

The words echo into the heavens, shaking beings to their very cores. The angels join in, singing out.

“Revo, Revolution! Revo, Revolution!”

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